Our Services

We have selected our web services in a way that it compliments our consulting services. However, each separate web service is independent from each other so that by itself, each services is a complete solution.



    As a business owner, how you are getting the most out your IT investments is paramount. Virtualization allows your organization to maximize the utilization of your server hardware by consolidating your servers into fewer hardwares and thereby saving you more on your electrical cost. Pure|WS can provide your business with hosted or in-premise virtualized environment, the same technology that large enterprises are leveraging to save cost.



    Internet Presence and Domain Names

    Put your business in cyberspace and allow your customers to find and contact you more rapidly by having an Internet presence.
    Domain names are no longer adequate. That’s why our total Internet solution allows your business to maximize the benefit of what Internet presence can offer such as search engine-optimized website, properly set DNS records and site maps.



    Server and Site Monitoring

    Our monitoring service is an alerting system that notifies you when your server, service or site is inaccessible to your customers.
    Our globally-positioned monitoring stations ensure that your site is available no matter where in the world your customers are. On a predefined interval, our stations will regularly test your system or site for availability and instantly notifies you via email or SMS when an issue is detected.



    Online Security

    Along with the convenience of Internet and technological advances, today’s businesses are constantly challenged by online threats. This is why Pure|WS has partnered with leading security providers to provide our customers with a shield that they can readily use to protect their online presence and business.

    Content-filtering, access restrictions and online encryption are just some of the security services that we offer to protect your business from everyday threats and vulnerabilities.


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