The Company

Pure Web Synergy, LLC is a minority, woman-owned small business, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia since 2006 with the mission to help small to large business enterprises realize their IT goals by  making wise investments in critical areas of their businesses.  Our focus is on providing our customers with solutions that would work for them, that would address their complex challenges in the least possible cost while achieving a highly optimized and efficient environment.

We  provide solutions in Cloud, mobile and virtualization technologies, IT infrastructure design, network management, systems integration and network security provisioning.

As partners of some of the leading IT companies such as Unisys, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, Parallels, GlobalSign, to name a few, we are confident that we can deliver only the best, highly customized and most cost-effective solution to our customers that would bring more value to their businesses.

Through our strong partnership with Unisys, Pure Web Synergy has been one of the key contributors in supporting the Enterprise Service  Center (ESC) of GSA Public Buildings Service (PBS) in managing and supporting their various databases and applications. In addition, PureWS currently supports cloud computing effort of GSA and PBS via its Salesforce applications.


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